1. Will using a PERS increase my telephone or electric bills?

No, the PERS dials a toll-free number, so there will be no extra charges on your phone bill as long you have standard telephone service, and you will see no noticeable increase in your electric bill.

2. Can I use my telephone while it is connected to a PERS?

Yes, you can use your phone as usual.

3. Can I relocate the PERS in my home or to a new home if I move?

No, if you need the PERS moved to a different location in your home or if you are moving to a new home, please notify your provider or LIFEONE. A home visit or moving instructions will be provided.

4. How often and when should I test my PERS?

Test your PERS monthly using the personal help activator. We recommend you test it on the day of the month in which you were born (i.e. if you were born on May 15th, test your system on the 15th of each month).

5. Will the operator be able to hear me from everywhere in my home?

A voice range test will be conducted when the unit is installed and tested in your home. The unit is designed with a highly sensitive microphone to enhance communication between you and the operator. The home installation representative will advise you of any areas where the operator may have difficulty or be unable to hear you. If the operator cannot hear you or you cannot speak, help will be sent using your personalized “no voice contact” instructions.

6. What if my activator gets wet?

Personal Help Activators are water-resistant to meet the needs of our subscriber base. The home service representative will inform you at the time of installation of the type of activator that has been supplied as part of your PERS.

7. What if I accidentally press the button on the console unit or activator?

Do not be alarmed. When the operator responds, inform the operator that you accidentally activated the unit.

8. How far away will the personal activator button work?

The home service representative will conduct an activator range test in your home to determine the in-home range of the activator. The home service rep will install the console unit in the most central location for optimal protection. 

9. What happens if I am unable to speak or the operator cannot hear me?

The operator will follow your personalized “no voice contact” instructions.

10. What if the electrical power goes out?

The green power indicator light will flash and the internal rechargeable back-up battery will engage and supply power to the unit for approximately 24 hours.

11. What if the phone line doesn’t work?

The system is phone line dependent. The system must have a dial tone to communicate with the Emergency Response Center.

12. What if the Red phone light is steadily on or flashing?

If the red phone light is steadily lit, the unit is transmitting a call to the Emergency Response Center. If it is flashing, the telephone line is either in use, off the hook or out of service.

13. What if the Green power light is flashing or off?

When flashing, the unit is operating on its internal back-up battery power. Check the transformer connection to make sure the unit is plugged in properly and securely. If it is plugged in, check to make sure the unit is not connected to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. Thereafter, check the circuit breaker in your home for that specific outlet. If the green light is off, the unit is not being powered. Check the transformer connection to the rear of the unit. If the light continues to flash or remains off, you may contact support for assistance.

14. What if the Amber RF code light is on?

Occasional flickering is normal. If the flickering is constant, there may be a problem. Please contact  support at 800-645-3244 if the amber light remains constantly on. 






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